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4:30 PM Fri 10th Feb 2017 (GMT/UTC -8.0)
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Training  - Bring drinks and let's have some fun.

Last year was horrible and we didn't play to our potential.  

Issues - Communication ( we had too much chatting. One person we know of.  No issue this time)

Focus fire. We seem to go passive when we lost targets in smoke.

When to be passive and when to be aggressive. 

Cruiser play was lack luster. IMO

DD play, this was my side.  Wondered off, not patient.  Was focused all the time.

Understand we were in Gold Division. 

The Biggest issue was our CV play.  We really didn't have a committed player.  So if you are playing CV.  Thank you.  

Ok enough of the negatives.  This is a new group of people.  Let's slap each other around and again have fun.

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9th Feb 2017
Bring ideas.
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