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1st Sep 2016 · FreebirdTHB · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

We are registered.

Here's vital info league rules etc.  Everyone should read it but there will be no quiz. 

http://forum.worldofwarsh ... 36-supremacy-league/

Also map rotation's for qualifiers here: 
These are the maps we will practice on.

http://www.warshipsuprema ...

Sion and I will be developing a schedule if there are dates that you know you will be unavaiable please let us know.

10th Jul 2016 · Navy1st · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Attention on deck !

I am going to try to have a little fun over the next 30 days.  This event will give you a chance to win some Doubloons!  If you see me in Teamspeak Channel "Roll Call" and I'm set as AFK you can bet I'm still listening.  I will randomly attempt to click in on divisions with you all.  If I happen to make it on on the opposite team.....let the fun begin.   500 Gold for Killing me.....not spotting, but you must deal the death blow.  This will be only in effect if I'm set as AFK on teamspeak, so make sure you (before you click battle) say clearly the tiers you are going with so I can match it  (I may be there or maybe not   )   (I will only be awarding a max of 3 games per 24hrs) 

Banner Results
8th Jul 2016 · Navy1st · 2 Comments · Likes · Like

Congratulation to #1 Rhonda, #2 Urf and #3 J.....for your entries of the Banner Contest.   Please state what type of winnings you wish to receive, Gold or Doubloons ! There are new contest coming to win Gold or Doubloons....keep logging in, and take part in our new world!

Attention on deck !
6th Jul 2016 · Navy1st · 2 Comments · Likes · Like

I see that out membership has now reached 43.  This is great......but by the look of the voting on the banner does not reflect this.  Please take the time to vote for your fav banner.  Its important to this site and the winners pocket. 

I would like to see all members try to at least log into this site once every time you play.  While your here...pls take the time to Vote in the "Recruitment Vote" , as this increases out level in Iclans. VOTE EVERY DAY!

Last but not least.....if you want your profile pic to be that of a dolphin and whats his name.....pls take the time to upload something Funny, self imaging, or your fav beer.....we don't care......just nothing that goes against our policies.  (nudes of the wife or girlfriend, or even the wife with the girlfriend) will viewed and me and Free  

That is all.
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