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World of Tanks Tournaments
Navy1st 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Jun 2016
Esports world of tanks tournaments are a way for players to earn free gold and tanks.

Tournaments cover all tiers from tier 1 to tier 10   

Tournaments start at pre determined times and are always on the east cost server

Tournaments usually consist of groups of five people organized into a team however only four people have to play and the fifth person is consider a reserve who plays if one of the team members does not show up.   

Tournaments come in four category's

Stand-to's which are single day tournaments that last for about 2 hours

1v1s which are individual tournaments that pit one player against another

week long tournament's are tournaments that last a entire week but have big payouts like premium time and free tanks if they are won.

call to arms are tournaments that require a large number of players who must all be in the same clan to participate theses are usually played by clans who are looking to go pro.

if you are interested in joining tournaments contact J_Gatsby     

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