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Navy1st 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Jul 2016
I see that our membership has now reached 43.  This is great......but by the look of the voting on the banner does not reflect this.  Please take the time to vote for your fav banner.  Its important to this site and the winners pocket.

I would like to see all members try to at least log into this site once every time you play.  While your here...pls take the time to Vote in the "Recruitment Vote" , as this increases out level in Iclans. VOTE EVERY DAY!

Last but not least.....if you want your profile pic to be that of a dolphin and whats his name.....pls take the time to upload something Funny, self imaging, or your fav beer.....we don't care......just nothing that goes against our policies.  (nudes of the wife or girlfriend, or even the wife with the girlfriend) will viewed and me and Free 

That is all.
Stand at ease
Stand easy

3rd Aug 2016 FreebirdTHB
it's the long "recruitment votes" box almost at bottom of home page
3rd Aug 2016 Oberst1
might want to put up some links on where the voting is done.... I cant seem to find it.
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