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Navy1st 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Jul 2016
Attention on deck !

I am going to try to have a little fun over the next 30 days.  This event will give you a chance to win some Doubloons!  If you see me in Teamspeak Channel "Roll Call" and I'm set as AFK you can bet I'm still listening.  I will randomly attempt to click in on divisions with you all.  If I happen to make it on on the opposite team.....let the fun begin.   500 Gold for Killing me.....not spotting, but you must deal the death blow.  This will be only in effect if I'm set as AFK on teamspeak, so make sure you (before you click battle) say clearly the tiers you are going with so I can match it  (I may be there or maybe not  )   (I will only be awarding a max of 3 games per 24hrs)

Happy Hunting !
That is all
stand at ease
stand easy


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